tina bell…

Bam Bam band - Cameron, Bell, Martin, Buttocks

… haunts my thoughts.

the story of the woman who might very well be the unwritten voice of grunge in the seattle scene.  how do you keep her story from going unsung?

as i’m sitting in class at the university, i can’t help but let my thoughts drift about this beautiful cinnamon brown skinned woman, her voice, presence and the band she fronted, bam bam, starting a musical genre that would later forget she existed.

i want to know as much as i can about her.  because her story says so much about how some of us chocolate girls have had to exist in the northwest.  because it tells the story of how the music industry continues to erase the presence of black female voices when they don’t conform to stereotypical models of blues/gospel/jazz singers, regardless of bell’s real life blues.

there are some projects that i still need to finish, but i will chip away at this one until i have the ability to research all that is needed to produce this piece, this very important story.




2 thoughts on “tina bell…

  1. if you are serious about this and still working on it, let me know. i knew tina bell and still know tommy martin quite well. i met tina when i was about 13 years old. she lived up the street, new arrivals to the neighborhood. young adults, wow. cool. so, i waked past her house and said hello to her and tommy as they sat relaxing in the sun or working the yard. they were sweet, friendly, tommy always smiling, always. tina inviting… all smiles, too. i had switched from cello to classical and acoustic guitar 2 years earlier, but still had not ever really played an electric guitar. once i found out they were musicians in a punk/rock band… wow. haha! i loved tina very much, she taught me much about music, performing and standing my ground in this silly ass town. tommy is still a very close friend. call me up (see your facebook msgs for my number) let’s talk. i know some things i can share with you.

    1. i am still serious about this. i had to gather more information to make sure that she stays up on Wiki, but have about 6 new sources that should insure that Tina Bell remains. would welcome your help and her story.

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